Bespoke Racing Silks

Bespoke Racing Silks
Bespoke Racing Silks

Are you looking for bespoke racing silks? If so, look no further than Horse & Jockey. We are the leading choice of British cap cover manufacturers. As well as our standard range of racing silks and other cap covers, we provide a bespoke service. We can design and create the bespoke racing silks that you need, whether you are searching for a design that you can use individually or as an identifying design for a team or club. For more information about our bespoke racing silks, we invite you to contact us using the details that you will find on the website.
Racing silks, including our bespoke racing silks, have a long history within the great sport of horse racing. They date back a long time and have an honourable history in equine sports. The premise for bespoke racing silks is that on the racetrack, it is difficult to identify different riders and horses as they move at speed. Just like in many other sports, where distinctive shirts or uniforms are used to distinguish between competing athletes, bespoke racing silks are a way to identify riders on the track.
The history of bespoke racing silks dates back at least 500 years, since the first recorded reference is in the early 1500s during the reign of Henry VIII. However, it is possible that they were used before this date. The origins of bespoke racing silks are probably the colours worn by knights in medieval jousting events, and these were a development from the way that soldiers in battle, especially those in full armour, would use colours and designs to identify themselves. In the 1500s, bespoke racing silks were just a way for horse owners to mark their servants and the jockeys who rode their horses. However, by the 1700s, this system was formalised, with rules to govern the use of bespoke racing silks. In 1750, the Jockey Club was founded. It had a formal system of racing silks, and from 1762 club rules required all jockeys to where the silks of the horse owners or the financial backers.
Because bespoke racing silks originate with medieval knights, it is no surprise that the bespoke racing silks often resemble heraldic designs. The sleeves and colours are generally based in standard designs, using colours that are allowed by racing organisations. Additionally, some riders and owners choose completely different designs that do not conform to the standardised colours and designs.
If you will be riding under bespoke racing silks, then you need a cap that conforms with your colours. You need to make sure that it is not just similar to your design, but that it actually matches your registered racing colours accurately.
At Horse & Jockey, we provide bespoke racing silks for your cap colours. We offer a range of designs and colours, and we can make it match your bespoke racing silks. Additionally, we can provide options like buttons, pom poms and transfers.
For more information, contact us using the details on the website.