Other Lycra Design Options

Lycra is our most popular choice of fabric due to its versatility and stretch. We offer the Lycra's in 1/2/3 colours. The colours available:

brown | black | white | cream | gold | yellow | flo yellow | flo pink | flo green | flo orange | purple | lilac | light cerise | dark cerise | maroon | red | sugar pink | light pink | royal blue | navy blue | sea blue | light blue | turquoise | bottle green | emerald green | silver (photo unavailable but can be seen on the pink glitter hearts design on the vinyl page)

All of these can be mixed and matched to your colour choices. 
Lycra is the only fabric we apply vinyl transfers to. Please see below for all of the design details and variatons. There's lots of types of vinyls and colours. Starz, heartz, diamondz and spotz designs are our most popular standard designs.
The possibilities are endless and we would welcome your own designs, logos or personalisation upon request. 


Faux Fur Pom Pom - synthetic fibres, no animal fur.
( FFPP01 )

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Pocket peak
( PP01 )

Product info:
The pocket peak has been designed to cover helmets that already have an existing peak. They fit well over standard riding hats. We have modelled this cover on a Champion hemet. A pocket peak is available with all of our fabrics and designs accept from Satins.

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Standard Pom Pom
( SPP01 )

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